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We tested the Tote-Pro at the store level first. It has made believers out of them. Even a pregnant assistant manager was able to use it to move totes easily. We are currently testing it here in our distribution center.



Leading pharmaceutical company

The Tote-Pro is used to transport product laden or empty plastic industrial totes faster and safer from one location to another in your plant, warehouse or store.

Save time stocking your shelves. Attached lid containers can be stacked one on top of the other and then the plastic bins can nest and be transported easily for replenishment.


Full or empty industrial plastic bins weighing up to 500 pounds are lifted and moved with practically no effort, regardless of workers’ size or strength. Using our bin mover will significantly reduce worker absenteeism and fatigue.


The Tote-Pro plastic bin mover will create a safer environment for your customers and your employees. Your store or warehouse will have a more organized and professional appearance… no more pallets or scattered plastic storage totes blocking the isles!


The Tote-Pro bin mover is heavy-duty steel constructed with heavy-duty, non-marking and locking casters for safe and easy steering.


The E-Z guide forks slide smoothly into the plastic lid containers and the Tote-Pro is narrow enough to pass through in-store isles.


Many satisfied customers have replaced the traditional way of moving their reusable storage bins such as hand trucks or tying up lifts to the easy and safe way to lift and move the stacks of plastic totes, the Tote-Pro Way!



Satisfied customers already lifting the "Tote-Pro" way!


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